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About Bajina Basta and surrondings

Bajina Basta (pronounced as Bayina Bashta) , town in the Western Serbia on the right bank of the river Drina. It is placed on the 43.57' of the north geographical latitude and 19.33' of the east geographical longitude. Area of the commune is 673 km2.

According to the 1991's Census, 29,747 people lived in the area of the municipality; 8,555 people live in the town. Settlement grew up in the broad alluvium of the river Drina in the foot of the sides of Tara-mountain 257 m above the sea level. Climate is moderate continental with increased humidity after reservoirs in Perucac and Zaovine were built. Average annual quantity of the falls is 700-800 mm. Hydrographic picture of the area comprise course of the river Drina with its tributaries, small rivers: Pilica, Raca and Rogacica river. Reservoir was built on the river Drina, the biggest one in the whole course, reservoir Perucac, which covers 12 squre km of area, 50 km in length, 70 m deep, 290 m above the sea level.
Flora and fauna are characteristic of temperate continental zone. In Tara national park in the area of 19 000 ha different kinds of deciduous forests are present ( beech, oak, black locust, hornbeam), and higher in the hills evergreen forests (fir, pine, spruce). In the area of national park there is Panciceva spruce (discovered and explored by famous serbian geographist Josif Pancic) as well as numerous medow communities (jeremicak).Fauna is represented as small and large game (rabbit, fox,bear, chamois, wild boar) as well as feathery game (hawk, eagle, sparrow hawk). In the water of river Drina and reservoir Perucac there is plenty of different fish, among which the most famous are huchen, carp, trout,sheatfish.
Commune and town are connected with asphalt roads of regional significance over the saddle Debelo brdo (1090 m) with Valjevo and further with Belgrade, alongside Drina with Ljubovija, Sabac, and over the saddle Kadinjaca (880 m) towards Uzice. The network of local village roads, mostly asphalt, is well developed . Economy of Bajina Basta is represented by "Hydroplant" Bajina Basta, metal industry IKL, electric industry "Sloboda", "Electroizgradnja", factory of knitted fabrics and ready-made clothing, cardboard factory "Laminat", "Crni Vrh" as wll as around ten mini sections of wood manufacturing. Bajina Basta surrounding is focused on tobacco production ( berlej, type virginia, for purchase of which company "Bajinovac" is in charge), raspberry production ( cooperative farms) as well as production of different kinds of fruits (plums, peras, apples), vegetables (potatoes, beans, cabbage, maize).
Extraordinary beaty of Tara-mountain, reservoir Perucac, course of river Drina, cultural and hystorical monuments (Raca monastery, medieval ruins of Solotnik town, church-shack in Dub, neolithic tracis of a menkind) make town Bajina Basta with its surrounding a tourist attractive area. Besides hotel of high category "Inex-Drina" in town, tourist offer is complemented with hotel "Jezero"- Perucac, "Omorica", "Beli bor" and "Javor" in Tara-mountain as well as children's rest home in Mitrovac.

Most of the population are immigrants, after liberation of the area from Turks in 30-ies of the 19 century and they originate from Herzegovina, northwestern regions of Montenegro, Sandzak, Osat(Bosnia) and Dalmatia (Pepelj) and Kremna. At present, significant depopulation is present- decrease of number of population due to economic migrations towards regional Serbian centers (Uzice, Valjevo, Beograd, Cacak). Town saved architecture of the end of 19 century and the first half of 20 century which is well harmonized with modern urban structure. Rural settlements are mostly of close type. Among rural localities former center of Raca district Rogacica, Kostojevici, Pilica arespecially significant.


At 15 September, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kad si se vec latio posla da pises o bb,budi objektivan,od onih nabrojanih "fabrika" jos jedna jedva da radi,osim elektrane..Popis je radjen i i to je -.

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